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Car Wash

Types of Car Washes

Traditional Car Wash

A traditional car wash will typically offer a hand wash by employees.

Conveyor Car Wash

Conveyor car washes are an automatic version of traditional car washes where the vehicle is parked on a convey belt and moved through a series of cleaning stations.

Self-Service Car Wash

Self-Service car washes are usually drive-in bays that require the owner to wash their own car. They are coin-operated, offer jet washers, and in some cases vacuums and fragrance sprays.

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Automatic Car Wash

Automatic car washes are usually drive-in bays that require the owner to park while the machine moves back and forth washing the vehicle. Automatic car washes are typically found as part of a gas station, or combined with self-service car washes.

Auto Detailers

For those who are looking for a professional car wash, auto detailers can be found throughout the US. Auto detailers provide a wide-range of professional services: washing, steam cleaning, vacuuming, wheels, tires, and trims, windows, waxing, buffing, and more.

Other Car Washes

Finally, there are many charities and school programs that offer car washes for fundraising purposes. From donation-only to discounted car washes- during the warmer months of the school year- there's a good chance one of your local schools or charities is offering a car wash.

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